About Ás styrktarfélag

Ás is a non - profit organization and one of the leading companies in service to people with disabilities in Iceland. The company is a mutual benefit organization and has, through the years, established a various types of service. Long term residence, daycare for both children and adults and work-related offers, helping people to find jobs at the open marked and find ways to make it easier to keep their own home, is few of our many concerns. All the boardmembers of the company are parents or close - related to people with disabilities.

The association has a strong relationship with many of independent supporters as well as other associations and companies who have helped the company to grow and blossom. As today ÁS can provide service to almost 300 people with disability and the employees are approximately 200. 
A new chapter in the story of ÁS was made in mars 2001 when the Icelandic Ministry of Social Affairs signed a new contract between them, ÁS and The Regional office for the people with disabilities in Reykjavík. This contract was crucial for the survival of the association and has made it stronger and more affective. Today ÁS has around 800 members registered. This strong support has made the association stronger and is the foundation into the future.
ÁS has a good relationship with all the main offices that provides services to people with disabilities. The association has dissipated in a cooperation group with other companies who operate in the same line of work. The association is also a member and has a board member in most of the other companies. ÁS is active in a Scandinavian co-work called Nordisk Netwærk Forum witch is a network that holds all of the main service accusations in Scandinavia working for people with disabilities.