Work and activity

Ás styrktarfélag opened its first day service center in 1961. In all, the centers became four, each organized to provide services or work for different target groups. In the last thirty years these services have been much the same. Ideology has developed and the professionals have been ambitious to upgrade the tasks and projects in each center, it has however been difficult for the workers with intellectual disabilities to change their workplace or activities during the day.


The last few years the need and demand for change was growing and Ás styrktarfélag decided to go for it. In February 2011 the project of change and innovation started and will end in November 2015 . We have built the project on the fact that all daycare for adults is work and upgraded our use of words accordingly. Former service users in one of the four centers are now working in Work and Activity at Ás styrktarfélag. They can choose up to five work and activity programs from a list of approximately twenty to take part in each year through our webpage. We offer a broad variety of work and activity to choose from, some are attended by 2 – 3 persons for a few weeks and others are ongoing for up to 8 months and have 30 people attending at the same time. Some are paid work, others are not and the workers even have to pay for attending a few of the programs.


The programs take place on different locations; in buildings owned by Ás styrktarfélag, in various museums and other public places, in a local music school and at a service center in a cemetery in Reykjavik, where our workers work on recycling candles. There are also some outdoor activities.


All of the workers have a „home station“ to come to every morning and between work and activity programs. There they have a key person and the opportunity to fit other necessary activities in to their daily routine.


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