Freedom of my Choice

June 2019 – May 2021

As styrktarfelag has entered into a two-year partnership with Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Sweden on a project called “Freedom of my choice”. The idea originates from people with disabilities in Lithuania and is funded by Nord +, which is a part of the Nordic council of ministers.


The project will focus on human rights issues, with each country team nominating a group of six people, four of them with disabilities. Each group will focus on a human rights issue of their choice and will work together on innovative ways to present their specific issue in an easy to read and easy to understand format.


Four international meetings will be held during the project period, this is a rough timeline:

The kick-off meeting was held in Panevezys, Lithuania on 24th-25th of June 2019.

November 2019:  The Latvian partners will host a meeting in Jelgava.

April 2020:  As styrktarfelag will host a meeting in Reykjavik

September 2020: The Swedish partners will host a meeting in Stockholm

April 2021: The Estonian partners will host the final meeting in Tartu


More information about the project and each meeting is through this link

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