Project with Vilniaus Viltis, Lithuania

 November 2014 - oktober 2015

As styrktarfelag and Vilniaus Viltis in Lithuania have an ongoing partnership agreement on the project: Strengthening of organization „Vilniaus Viltis“ and representing person´s with intellectual disabilities interests. It is sponsored by The EFTA fund. The objective is to share experience, expertise, skills and goodwill.


A group of people from Viltis, Lithuania came for a visit in March to learn about the social system and various services for people with disabilities in Iceland. Representatives from As styrktarfelag have been to Vilnius and given two seminars on the same topics.


The seminars were organized jointly by both organizations. Vilniaus Viltis took care of the outer structure and the content  was on the hands of As styrktarfelag. Further information on seminars is under the grey boxes here on the left.

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